Site statistics

Below you can find some (more or less) usefull statistical information about the 1vs1 League site.
Note that all of these information base on official players and official matches only; unofficial ones will be ignored for the statistics.

classic dupi fancy hix total
# involved players 628 4 165 352 685
# played matches 25579 3 415 6451 32448
first match 2004-07-01 00:00:00 2017-11-02 19:29:09 2007-03-19 22:04:15 2008-12-08 16:31:58 2004-07-01 00:00:00
last match 2021-07-10 01:34:51 2018-05-05 14:21:30 2021-05-16 21:56:59 2022-04-27 23:53:00 2022-04-27 23:53:00
match ratio 4.11 per day 0.02 per day 0.08 per day 1.32 per day 4.98 per day
max. duration 21min 10sec 7min 22sec 16min 48sec 46min 36sec 46min 36sec
avg. duration 5min 37sec 6min 23sec 6min 06sec 8min 33sec 6min 39sec
min. duration 1min 06sec 5min 17sec 2min 30sec 1min 13sec 1min 06sec
estimated duration 53d 22h 20min 16sec 0sec 10h 03min 37sec 8min 33sec 54d 08h 32min 25sec
verified duration 45d 19h 34min 44sec 19min 08sec 1d 08h 06min 41sec 38d 06h 32min 10sec 85d 10h 32min 43sec
total duration 99d 17h 55min 00sec 19min 08sec 1d 18h 10min 18sec 38d 06h 40min 43sec 139d 19h 05min 08sec
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