The 1vs1 BZFlag League is one of the oldest BZFlag leagues. In difference to all the other team-based leagues (Links) it aims to be a simple one where you can easily jump in for a match (or more) on one of the three available maps (classic, fancy, hix). These matches can either be just for fun or official (Info & Rules).

You're welcome to give it a try! :o)

Top 10 of this month

Position Player Score Matches
1 Snake12534 40 18
2 Lep 24 12
3 fifinel 16 8
4 Khonkhortisan 11 7
5 Kenshin 10 4
6 grysek 8 4
7 mythic 8 4
8 Constitution 6 2
9 leviathan 5 3
10 Gearth 3 1

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Almost Fresh News!

  • 2014-05-03 - Some of you might have noticed ahs3's forum posting to stop hosting any kind of BZFlag servers. That includes the 1vs1 match servers, of course.
    For those of you who are interested into a few statistics:
    • 4 official 1vs1 match servers
    • 796 official matches between 2012-03-18 and 2014-04-20
    • 3d 21h 27min 39sec official match time
      (match duration between 2min 07sec and 23min 26sec)
    Thank you very much for your engagement, ahs3!

How can I join in? Where can I play?

The BZBB sub forum "1vs1 League Discussion" is our place for any kind of league related communication.

Use strayer's BZstats page to find registered 1vs1 players!